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ANNADOTE is all about living consciously aware
of the Source, the Force, the Life, the ONE we all are -
closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet

We are born into a human sense of existence and assume
a mortal identity … a self that is shaped by human beliefs … two powers,
good and evil … duality, pairs of opposites,
a sense of separation from God and from each other.

The “I” that we truly are gets more and more
covered up in good and evil human conditioning.
Eventually, in our experience, we get to a point of seriously seeking
for a greater depth of understanding and awareness and we are led to a way
to start peeling off those layers and layers of conditioning and to begin
the journey back to our authentic unconditioned identity …
the image and likeness of God.

* * * * *

Life is laughter … life is a bawl …
We live and love and face it all …

Layers of false beliefs and conditioning we dig through
To uncover the real me and you

What a journey … what a quest!
All who partake are truly blessed

We keep turning within … glimpses spur us on
The image and likeness of God begins to dawn

We’re looking for ourSELF and we are that
Just give up the belief that we’re mortally begat

Be of good cheer … our divine Nature is here
Closer than close … nearer than near

* * * * *

Bookmarks (TALLMARKERS) and notecards (TALLNOTES)

These soul-searching sayers of sooth
Speak from the heart with lots of love and trooth …

The words are choice ... the meat is prime
The tempo is in perfect rhyme

Living is joy once we get the drift
Try ANNADOTE bookmarks and notecards ... they bless and uplift

We can’t continue as mortals
In the dark
On a wake-up journey
We must embark

* * * * *

We're laying the axe at the root of a mythical good and evil tree
And putting an end to HUMAN MYTHERY

Love and gratitude from the rooftops shout
As the human myth is examined inside and out

I've shoveled relentlessly through conditioning and debris
To get to the truth in the midst of me

To the image and likeness of God deep within
Where a belief in duality never did begin

Come verse with me... we'll follow the flow
And be reminded of what we already know

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We supposedly ate
Of a good and evil tree
And bit right into

That myth is just
Too hard to swallow
In duality we cannot
Continue to wallow

There is no separation
Between God and man
That mythical split
Is hitting the fan

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“Meals don’t have to be a bore
They can be so much amour!”

Soups for a “broth”el touch …
In the raw with fresh veggies
Chicken “strips that tease”

Get captivated with stuffed mushrooms
Frolic with our fricassee
Cavort with a yum yum torte
Dive into the corned beef -
get caught in the rye
Warm up with chummy chili
and much more

“Cook with Love …
dish it out
is all about”

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Magnets and wearable pins
cut out with mallet & chisel
from recycled steel oil drums
and hand painted
(approx. 4" long)